Server API version 1.0


API endpoints

Each of the above mentioned environments has distinct Server API endpoints. For our production environment we also support datacenter specific endpoints. We have also setup our production environment in a way that allows you to control were we store our data. We have created two clusters across multiple datacenters.

Environment Endpoint
Pre-Production World Cluster for the GlobalCollect platform

If you are processing on the GlobalCollect platform:

  • (Generic World endpoint)
Europe Cluster for the Ogone platform

If you are processing on the Ogone platform:

  • (Generic European endpoint)
Production World Cluster

Data will also be stored outside of Europe

  • (Generic World endpoint)
Europe Cluster

Data will only be stored in Europe

  • (Generic European endpoint)

Sessions for MyCheckout hosted payment pages are datacenter specific as well.
The system automatically returns apartialRedirectUrl that belongs to the data center where the session has been generated:

  • For the GlobalCollect platform: pay1 and pay2 for the world cluster; data will not stay in Europe
  • For the Ogone platform: pay3 and pay4 for the European cluster, so data will stay in Europe

For the generic endpoint we route the traffic to one of our datacenters. It is however possible to direct traffic to a specific datacenter for instance based on proximity or thelocation of the consumer. Both datacenters are active and transactional data is synced betweenthem. Sessions for MyCheckout hosted payment pages and the Client API are always created ina specific datacenter. Session data is synced, but there might be delays and it is thus not advised to switch datacenter mid transaction.