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Test connection

GET https://{domainname}/v1/{merchantId}/services/testconnection


Under services you find several calls that can be used to support your payment flow:

  • Test your connection to us
  • Convert an amount from one currency to another
  • Convert between different bank account notations
  • Retrieve the card type and country where the card was issued based on the IIN of the card


You can use this call to verify your connection to our platform. If you receive an OK result you know that your connection with us is working correctly, your authentication credentials are correct and your account is setup correctly in our system.

The request does not have any additional input parameters.

Request example

SDK: Java

This scenario you will probably use the most

  • TestConnection response = client.merchant("merchantId").services().testconnection();


Please find below an overview of the possible responses.

Response 200 - OKTestConnection

When you get a 200 response your connection test was successful.

   Property Type Required Description
result string no

OK result on the connection to GC

Response example

SDK: Java

This scenario you will probably use the most

  • {
        "result" : "OK"

Response 403 - UnauthorizedErrorResponse

When something is wrong with your credentials you will get a 403 response. This could happen when you are trying to access a merchantId that is not linked to your account.

     Property Type Required Description
errorId string yes

Unique reference, for debugging purposes, of this error response

array yes
List of one or more errors
object no SDK object type: APIError
category string no

Category the error belongs to. The category should give an indication of the type of error you are dealing with. Possible values:
  • CONNECT_PLATFORM_ERROR - indicating that a functional error has occurred in the Connect platform.
  • PAYMENT_PLATFORM_ERROR - indicating that a functional error has occurred in the Payment platform.
  • IO_ERROR - indicating that a technical error has occurred within the Connect platform or between Connect and any of the payment platforms or third party systems.

code string yes

Error code

httpStatusCode integer no

HTTP status code for this error that can be used to determine the type of error

id string no

ID of the error. This is a short human-readable message that briefly describes the error.

message string no

Human-readable error message that is not meant to be relayed to consumer as it might tip off people who are trying to commit fraud

propertyName string no

Returned only if the error relates to a value that was missing or incorrect.
Contains a location path to the value as a JSonata query.
Some common examples:
  • a.b selects the value of property b of root property a,
  • a[1] selects the first element of the array in root property a,
  • a[b='some value'] selects all elements of the array in root property a that have a property b with value 'some value'.

requestId string no

ID of the request that can be used for debugging purposes

Response example

SDK: Java

This scenario you will probably use the most

  • {
        "errorId" : "3b8c849b-e805-4c61-bd4d-baa2cb9ff8d0-0000119f",
        "errors" : [
                "code" : "9007",
                "message" : "ACCESS_TO_MERCHANT_NOT_ALLOWED"